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How This Saves You Money

HealthGap for families with no insurance
Normal self-pay visit:
$125.00* due at time of service.

*Plus additional labs, x-rays, etc., billed out in 30 days.

HealthGap Membership* visit:
$10.00 per visit, per person, due at time of service.

No additional charges for any services performed in our urgent care clinics.
HealthGap for families with high-deductible insurance plans
Typical insurance plan with a $1,500.00 deductible costs a family of 3 up to $1,700.00/month.

Any office visit charge would be due in full, until the deductible is met, which typically costs an additional $190.00 - $320.00—plus all labs, x-rays, etc.

Pairing with a HealthGap Membership* that has a low monthly fee, the same family could select an insurance plan with a $7,150.00 deductible and use it only for major medical needs which could reduce their insurance costs to $562.00/month.

This could potentially save the family over $1,000.00 month!^

^Savings may vary based on insurance plan selected and the number of members enrolled. This is an estimated scenario using premiums obtained from commercial insurers. Your family's savings may be greater or lower based on your specific needs and choices.
Your HealthGap Membership* gives your family access to medical care for an affordable monthly fee and only $10.00 per visit, per person.
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